characters in RuneScape

A brief overview of characters in RuneScape

RuneScape is a very popular game that is played by millions of users. Here in this game you will be in a world of fantasy and the game is based on multiplayer mode which is played massively and it uses online mode for doing the role-playing. This game was developed and was launched by British developers whose name is Jagex game studio. This game has a very dedicated fan base. You will start the game where you will be in a fantasy world of the Gielinor and it will be filled with dangerous monsters. Here you will have the ability to interact with many non-player or players, objects or characters. You can participate or not participate. Your participation will determine your faith in this game.

Characters of RuneScape

  • Baby troll: The baby troll is the pet of the player in the latter stages and the name of this character will depend on what kind of food the player will feed it.
  • Bandos: It is considered to be the God of the war in this game.
  • Bob: Bob is the cat who was a human a long time back and now it has become a cat and then roams in the gielinor with his girlfriend name Neite.
  • Brundt: He is the leader of the Rellekka and has a visible role in the various type of quests.
  • Charlie: Charlie has been banned from visiting the factory of Easter Bunny as he used to attack the implants. Now his job is to help other people to get inside and outside of this factory and he is Scottish.
  • Chocatrice: You will have to take the Cockatrice egg and then you will have to dip it in molten chocolate. It will then create the Chocatrice egg. When it will hatch then it will then provide you with the benefit of participating in the Easter event of 2008.
  • Diango: He is considered to be the seekers of the toys. He also has the ability to return any kind of holiday event’s item which is non-tradable.

Characters of RuneScapeThese few characters play a major role in this game. If you want to learn the game properly then you should go through the guide and learn the tricks and make yourself skillful. As the game is addicted so many people want to play it on their mobile phones. If you are someone who is interested in playing it on the mobile phone then you can easily download the application name is TeamViewer. That helps a user to access the account from both the computer and the mobile phone.

There are many more interesting characters like the Easter bird that is considered to be a friend of the bunny who gives his chocolate eggs. If you are finding it difficult in the beginning stage then you can also opt for the minimap that will provide you with the entire sketch of the city, but does not providing any personal information as it can lead to fraudulent activity.